Dust Yourself Off And Stop Trying

It doesn’t matter how many attempts conservatives make to limit a woman’s right to choose, they will not win. They will always be served in court and lose on this issue. They should really stop trying. With that said, news on abortion or anti-abortion policies as of late have made its rounds and here are the most prominent stories on the topic.

The Trump Administration expanded the gag rule which strips funding from programs here in the U.S. and around the world related to abortion care. According to The Nation, this expansion also threatens the fight against HIV and AIDS. The administration wants millions of dollars from the Title X Family Planning program to go from Planned Parenthood to Faith-based clinics. Thus far, 21 states have filed suit to block the gag rule from going into effect. The gag-rule is anti-choice policy from the Reagan era that banned federally funded clinics from referring women for abortion care.

In other news, Georgia lawmakers recently voted to approve the Heartbeat bill, which bans abortions for women once the heartbeat of an embryo is detected, usually around six weeks, often times before a woman even realizes she is pregnant. The state’s Governor Brian Kemp has the final say over the bill which means it’s more likely than not to become law. Last I checked, the ACLU promised to sue the state of Georgia if this bill becomes law. Looks like they’re going to court.

For more on abortion news, check back in with this blog. The nonsense on this issue will never end.