Index Reveals the Best Countries for Working Women

According to the World Bank’s Women, Business and Law index, the best countries for women to work in are Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Iceland.

The index says these countries provide women with protections against sexual harassment and gender discrimination, as well as access to jobs and overall a legal equal standing with men.

Worldwide, women only have three quarters of the employment rights of men. The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Gender Gap report found women won’t receive equal rights with men for another century.

Currently, women in the Middle East and North Africa only have half the legal rights of their male colleagues. But it’s Pakistan, Yemen and Iraq that have the largest gender gap.

The Realist Woman’s take:

It doesn’t surprise me that the Nordic countries are ranked the highest for working women. The index showed that the top countries listed reformed maternity, paternity and parental leave policies to help working parents.

The news that it’s going to take another century to achieve equal rights with men was a little jarring. I knew we had a long way to go but goodness. A whole century has to go by before women see that change. While women will never stop fighting for and seeking equal rights working outside the home, it’s great that this index is keeping track of the countries working to improve equal rights for women. This index shows the trend is in our favor but getting there is painfully slow.

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