FedEx Appoints First Black Woman As CEO

FedEx recently appointed Ramona Hood CEO of the company, making her the black woman in the role. She previously held leadership roles and executive-level positions at FedEx’s Supply Chain division.

Hood began her career 30 years ago with the company, then known as Roberts Express, and first worked as a receptionist, all the while caring for her family as a single mom and taking classes as a college student. She will now oversee FedEx’s executive leadership team and the strategic direction of the company. 

In a statement to, Hood talked about her intention of adding more diversity to her team, saying “I now have a team that has no women on it. I have one African-American man. As I add positions to the team, I need to focus on the diversity I’m talking about.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

Ramona Hood is the first black woman to be appointed CEO in the company’s 45-year history. It’s such an inspiring story to have a black woman take the reigns of such a huge corporation. It shows that while there are barriers for most women of color to climb the C-Suite ranks, it’s entirely possible. Hood is now part of our history books as I think it’s important to remember, black women make this kind of history every day.

black women in meeting