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Kotex to Ditch Blue Liquid for Red in Maxi-Pad Ads

The Kimberly Clark corporation has announced it will advertise its U by Kotex products using realistic red fluid to represent blood rather than the standard blue liquid they’ve used in the past.

The company is looking to join the current movement of ending the stigma behind women’s health and grooming.

“Blood is blood,” said Sarah Paulsen, creative and design director for Kimberly-Clark’s North American feminine-care brands. “This is something that every woman has experienced and is nothing to hide.”

The Realist Woman’s take:

I’m happy Kimberly-Clark is joining this movement to end the stigma around women’s health. Menstrual cycles are part of a woman’s life and products made for that experience shouldn’t shy away from being honest about what that experience is. This is great.


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