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Albanian Teen Girls Develop App Combating Domestic Violence

Albanian teen girls have developed an app to help women suffering through domestic violence. The app, known as Find Your Voice, recently launched and has already won an award from an international technology competition here in the U.S.

The three 16-year-olds, Arla Hoxha, Dea Rrozhani, and Jonada Shukarasi, learned how to code through an outreach program at the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, with the challenge to create an app that addressed social issues. The girls decided on confronting domestic violence as one in two women in Albania is a victim of violence. According to a report by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, 97% of victims of intimate in-house domestic violence never reported it to the police.

Violence against women doesn’t just affect adults, developer Shukarasi pointed out. “ also affects us as teenage girls because we see the early stages of this even in our peers, in our friends.”

The app offers a variety of services including breathing exercises, locating shelters for those seeking help, gives advice on employment opportunities, as well as connects them with state officials who will help them obtain restraining orders against their abusers. 

“Find Your Voice” has not only become our motto, but the message we want to convey to all women,” said developer Rrozhani.

The Realist Woman’s take:

I am taken aback by these young women. What a way to take their education and apply it to the masses in such an effective way. They are going to change Albania’s domestic violence issue.

Albania is a country of 2.8 million people, with 4.6 million mobile phones in usage. Victims of domestic violence more than have what they need to get help for this issue due to this revolutionary app.

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but while this app is revolutionary and will lead to positive and life-changing experiences for women, there is something deeply wrong with yet another society in which toxic male behavior is responsible for this violence. Albania’s culture of male violence against women will ultimately have to be addressed in order for this violence to stop. 

These young women are awe-inspiring and congratulations to them. When given the opportunity, women change our world for the better. It’s in our history.

To support girls learning to code, go to Girls Who Code and consider joining as a partner, fundraiser or make a donation.